Being an island surrounded by fish, seafood is among the most abundant and sought after cuisine in the Cayman Islands. Local fish include: Several species of Snapper, Tuna, Grouper, Conch, and a variety of other local fish and crustaceans. The latest fish of choice among many restaurateurs are Lionfish; due in part to their unique delicious flavor and wide range of preparation methods; and also because Lionfish are an evasive species in the Cayman Islands local dive companies bring fresh Lionfish to many of the best seafood restaurants daily.

Most popular seafood places to eat

Lighthouse Restaurant in Breakers

Lighthouse is a moderately priced ocean front restaurant specializing in local seafood, as well as many other artfully crafted dishes by their award winning chefs. Owner Gussipe personally pours his passion into each new creation. Seafood lovers can choose from seasonal dishes including Atlantic sea scallops and lobster, to year round specials such as Snapper, Grouper and LionFish. They offer amazing dessert creations; if you are dessert fans, order sparingly as portions are ample. Lighthouse offers indoor air conditioned as well as outdoor open air seating. They consistently receive the highest reviews, awards and ratings that any restaurant can achieve and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating pallet. They also offer a nautical themed gift shop and the structure itself is an actual lighthouse, (reconditioned in 2007) almost 100 years old.

Lighthouse offers many specials nightly and infrequently features entertainment.

The Wharf at the Southern End of Seven Mile Beach

The Wharf is one of Grand Caymanís oldest and most popular places to eat. Situated directly at the southernmost end of Seven Mile Beach, their panoramic ocean views are as stunning as the food they serve. Owner Clemens and Manager Reno are always on site overseeing and helping ensure the overall wow factor that they are known for. They serve all forms of seafood from around the world in every flavor imaginable, with Mediterranean fine seafood cuisine most closely describing the flavors of their inimitable cuisine. Spread across several acres, The Wharf is capable of providing more seating options than any other restaurant in the Cayman Islands. Choose from hundreds of seats in their air conditioned indoor and windswept patio areas; private and semi-private gazebos; direct ocean front and ocean front bar seating. They also offer a complete gift shop, tarpon feeding and nightly entertainment, including the legendary Barefoot Man on Saturday nights. The Wharf is a high priced restaurant but scant few people ever walk away wishing they had gotten more value from their dining dollar.

The Wharf offers several specials and varying entertainment nightly, including tarpon feeding, live music by popular local artists including legendary Barefoot Man, live DJ music, Salsa dance lessons and much more.

Calypso Grill in West Bay

Calypso Grill is a moderately priced restaurant in Morganís Harbor in West Bay that specialize in seafood. Situated in a marina overlooking the north sound, the gentle waves and breezes provide the soundtrack for every seafood loverís paradise. Bold Caribbean color schemes and decorations adorn the walls throughout this small but not cramped combination indoor/outdoor restaurant. Calypso Grill is a very popular place to eat among Cayman locals and repeat visitors alike. Chef George Fowler and his staff arrive early in the day to begin preparations for their lunch (11:30am Ė 2:30pm) and evening (starting at 6pm)-only seating. They serve all types of seasonally available local and international seafood in a variety of creative ways. Specialties and favorites include: Tuna Sashimi, Crab Cakes, Mussels, and Fresh Shrimp. Non seafood lovers can select from several beef, lamb and veal dishes; as well as a rich selection of delicious desserts, including their famous Sticky Toffee Pudding. Their cuisine is more about quality and originality than quantity, though few complain or leave with empty stomachs.

Calypso offers specials nightly and does not feature entertainment.


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