“Where do the locals eat?” is one of the most common questions we receive from our guests and the answer is as enigmatic as the quest to discover them is enchanting. With a local residency as diverse as the cuisine, virtually every restaurant has its own local following; everything from the finest five star restaurants to fast food and mobile eateries attract their own particular faction of locals. However there are a number of places where you can eat traditional local style cuisine, which in the Cayman Islands involve a blend of traditional dishes originally derived from Jamaica and the West Indies; essentially, any dish that can be created with local fish, conch; coconuts, plantain, yams, local fruits, rice and beans; with variations of jerk, curry and scotch bonnet spicing. Many visitors find some of the more traditional local food somewhat less appealing than the more contemporary locally infused dishes that can be found in some variation at most restaurants.

The Best Local Places to Eat in Cayman

Guy Harvey Restaurant and Grill, George Town

Guy Harvey’s is a very affordably priced restaurant located upstairs directly across from George Town Harbour. With their cool open air breezes and breathtaking panoramic ocean harbor views, Guy Harvey’s is the most affordable ocean front restaurant in Cayman, making it a favorite among locals. Home to the $9.99 daily dinner special, you can enjoy gourmet French-Caribbean cuisine directly overlooking the ocean and still get change back from a $10 bill. In addition to their nightly specials they have a fairly diverse main menu and well appointed wine list, including wines branded especially for them. You can order wine by the bottle or by the glass. The service is fantastic; the food is excellent and plentiful; and the view is extraordinary. While Guy Harvey’s is open for lunch and dinner, we recommend dinner; not only because of their incredible nightly specials but also because they can become quite crowded and hectic during lunch, as they cater to the enormous cruise ship crowd.

Guy Harvey’s Grill delivers tremendous value in every nightly special and does not offer entertainment.

Lobster Pot Restaurant and Wine Bar, George Town/Seven Mile Beach

Lobster Pot is a moderately priced local seafood and steak fine dining restaurant located where George Town meets Seven Mile Beach. The Lobster Pot has been a favorite ocean-front restaurant among the locals for over thirty years. Destroyed by fire in 2011, Lobster Pot completely remodeled and reopened in late 2013. Family owned and operated, Lobster Pot combines generations of proven local recipes with an infusion of local and international seafood and meats to derive their signature flavors. Seasonally, much of their seafood is selected live, locally; mere hours prior to arriving at your table. Lobster is their most popular dish but they also offer many local and international seafood, steak and vegetarian dishes. Perched high above the sea, they provide outstanding panoramic views of George Town harbor to the south and Seven Mile Beach to the north. Their latest wine bar is an exceptionally popular meeting place, as they offer many of the world’s finest wines by the bottle and by the glass. They offer a wide variety of dishes and a very well appointed wine cellar.

Lobster pot offers nightly specials and tarpon feeding.

Champion House Restaurant in Seven Mile Beach

Champion House is a complex of two buildings – one serving only buffets and the other a mid-moderately priced restaurant serving traditional style local and Jamaican food. Not for the faint of heart (or stomach), traditional local cuisine consists of many foods and preparation styles dating back over a century, when food sources were limited and cooking methods reflective of the times. Seafood and meats are typically served well done, often accompanied by rooted plants such as yams. Local favorites include: Curried Goat, Braised Oxtail, Ackee and Codfish, Conch Stew, Turtle Stew, Plantains, Salt Beef and Beans. Local herbs and spices, including the Caribbean’s answer to Hot Peppers – the Scotch Bonnet Pepper enhance the flavors of traditional cuisine; and of course coconut and key lime pies and desserts. Champion House is not so much “where the locals eat” as it is where traditional local food is served; they receive consistently fair to good reviews and are sure to please adventurous diners seeking to cross a few exotic dishes off their bucket list.

Champion House offers seasonal and daily specials and does not provide entertainment.


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